Can We Have One?: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Kids With Cats and Dogs


English | 2008-10-15 | ISBN: 0807133779 | PDF | 150 pages | 2,5 MB

The decision to include pets as a part of your family can be fraught with uncertainty. How do you know when the time is right? How do you select the right pet? Choose a proper diet? Avoid common injuries? Provide adequate exercise? Avoid allergies? Share care-taking responsibilities? Not share germs or parasites? Whether you are ready to take the plunge or just beginning to explore the possibility, Can We Have One? is an essential resource for parents considering pet ownership or pet owners considering parenthood, offering a wealth of helpful information in one convenient, entertaining guide.

Veterinarian Lynn F. Buzhardt and social scientist Sue D. Steib combine their expertise and experience with emerging scientific evidence to offer practical and easily implemented recommendations for critical issues related to raising children and pets together. With engaging warmth and humor, they address issues such as bringing a new baby into a pet-owning couple’s household, selecting the right companion animal for your family, managing child-pet interaction, and coping with the loss of a pet.

The authors focus on dogs and cats, the most common pets in American households and the ones with whom children and adults are most likely to form the strongest attachments. Dogs and cats are also at greatest risk of relinquishment to animal shelters. By learning what to consider before committing to a family pet, you are equipped to ensure the best outcome for all involved.
Pets require a lot of their caretakers, but they give much more in return. Can We Have One? explains all the adjustments and factors to anticipate and the pitfalls to avoid, helping you provide a happy home for your pet and allowing your children to get the most out of the pet-child relationship.


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