Raptors of the World by James Ferguson-Lees


English | September 28, 2001 | ISBN: 0713680261 | 992 Pages | PDF | 76,2 MB

This guide covers all the world’s 313 raptor species illustrated with adult, juvenile and selected immature plumages as well as main geographical races. There are illustrations of over 2000 perched and flying birds, some with typical prey and facing texts summarising length, wingspan, male-to-female proportion, shape and flight. The text is further enhanced with line drawings illustrating specific points about identification and behaviour. “Covering every species of raptor on the planet, this book is perfect for anyone with an interest in birds of prey.”
This fantastic book covers all the raptors of the world. The book is extraordinary good in the descriptions of the birds of prey, and the plates are fantastic. The book includes illustrations of adults, juvenile, male and female birds, and all the illustrations are great.
Furthermore there is introdoctionary chapters on identification of raptors, on their migration, breeding patterns etc.
It’s great finally to have a single book covering all the raptors of the world, especially when the book is as great as this one. Everybody who have an interest in raptors simply needs to own it.



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